Circle of Life Coach Training Overview

You will be trained to effectively lead Circle of Life coaching groups and apply these skills for individual health and wellness coaching. The Circle of Life is being successfully utilized nationally in diverse contexts including hospitals, medical practices, government and non-profit agencies, schools, universities, churches, the military, holistic health care clinics, in mind/body health and wellness support groups, as well as private practice.

Organizations, institutions, agencies or schools interested in providing an “onsite 2-3 day live” or tele-training, email

Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach trainings include:

  • Minimum 30 hour training + 16 hours practice = 46 total training hours.
  • Comprehensive Circle of Life Coach Training Manual with reproducible forms.
  • Circle of Life Coaching Participant Guide Book.
  • 3 - 4 (60 minute) follow-up live training conference calls with one of our Circle of Life Trainers. These calls are recorded for your convenience.
  • Pre-recorded education/training calls.
  • 8 scheduled Peer Coaching calls.
  • Access to Circle of Life "Coach Tools" web page: marketing materials, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, mind/body self-care practices, and coaching resources.
  • When the Certification requirements are completed, you have the option to be listed on the Circle of Life Locate A Coach web page.
  • Access to monthly mentor calls with trainers.
  • Regular coaching support emails from trainers.

The Circle of Life process evaluates the full spectrum of one's life from nutrition and exercise to life purpose and spirituality. The coach's role is to foster the process and bring forth the "power, strengths and inner wisdom" of the group or individual client. It assists participants in a Six-Phase Approach to clarify and set goals, schedule realistic action steps, review their own process, set-up accountability and engage in an effective and supportive life long personal improvement process.

Training provides you with skills to:
  • Utilize the “Circle of Life Self Assessment", which evaluates 12 areas of  life.
  • Use the "Readiness for Change Assessment” to clarify direction/goals.
  • Utilize "The Blueprint for Success" step-by-step Coaching Worksheet/Process.
  • Teach numerous 1-5 minute Mind/Body Self-Care practices.
  • Work with diverse populations and troubleshoot potential problems.
  • Utilize Circle of Life Participant Guide Book for clients/group participants.
  • Organize a group coaching practice, fees, marketing, etc.
  • Format your coaching and group sessions (retreats/in-person/by phone)

Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach
Training and Certification Requirements

Instruction with Trainer(s)
25 hours
More Instruction / Group Process and Coaching Practice
10 hours
Trainee Mentoring by Trainer(s) Follow Up (60-75 minute) live and recorded conference call sessions
Up to 8 hours
Trainee Mentoring by Trainer(s) 3-4 Follow Up (60-75 minute) live and recorded conference call sessions
Up to 5 hours
One-on-One Sessions with Peer Coach Trainees
8 peer practices sessions by phone or in person
4 hours (30 minutes) each
Facilitate a Practice Group of Minimum 4 people Delivered in retreat format/weekly group sessions in person or by phone
12 hours
Send 6 Client/Group Participant Evaluations to the Trainer Final review of evaluations by Trainer.
1 hour
Total Practice Hours =
16 Hours

Certification Requirement

Includes Initial Purchase of 6 Participant Guide Books


30 Hours with Trainer(s) + 16 Practice Hours [practice group time and peer coaching calls]

Certification Total
Hours = 46 Hours

*Please inquire if purchasing in volume (for discount on participant guide books) or interested in licensing the use of the materials.

*30 Nursing Continuing Education Credits available (separate fee)

Questions about the Circle of Life Coach Training?

Frequently Asked Questions

Listen to a 20 min interview with Rebecca McLean, National Training Director


"I learned fabulous holistic wellness coaching skills - including, individual and group coaching, Mind/Body self care practices, and how to facilitate successful wellness workshops and retreats. The Circle of Life has an elegant structure and flow. In only three days you can feel ready and confident to start your coaching practice!"
Kira Gold, Artist, Certified Circle of Life Coach, Santa Barbara

High 5 for Circle of Life Coaching

"For many years I've worked as a health coach for a hospital with 12,000 employees. Since being trained in the Circle of Life, I now prefer to exclusively facilitate wellness groups using the Circle of Life coaching model. It is powerful, cost effective, people love it and I love it too.”
Elaine Gaither, RN
Circle of Life Coach

Group High 5 for Circle of Life Coaching

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