The Most Effective Coaching

With experience in the design and implementation of all forms of coaching programs since 1985, we are convinced that the most effective coaching is live and group based. Coaching group participants experienced both significant and sustainable success in healthy lifestyle change, health risk management and the development of new habits for health and well-being.

Telephone coaching can be an excellent strategy, and internet based coaching has been shown to have positive influence as well. However, the individuals being coached in both these cases, have the cover of anonymity. It is easy to agree to fulfill on goals, but it is much easier to actualize that fulfillment when accountability with real people that one has agreed to be accountable to, are present.

With executive coaching in a corporate environment, anonymity and confidentiality are critical. Adhering to agreements of confidentiality, anonymity, and information sharing not only about you the coach, but also about everyone involved must be maintained.

Executive coaching conducted in person, while more expensive, can be helpful in promoting change in verbal and non-verbal behavior. Telephone coaching can be effective if a strong coaching relationship has been established and if the coaching outcomes are clearly stated. An ideal executive coaching situation combines these live and telephone coaching.

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