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We provide Coach Trainings for:

  • Corporations

  • Agencies

  • Institutions

  • Universities

We will consult and collaborate with your team to design – specifically -- a Health and Wellness Coach Training format that perfectly fits the unique needs of your organization.

The Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach Training

Fee: $45,000 For 6-30 Participants/Trainees at your site. See
"Training Includes" below.

Expenses: Does not include travel and lodging for coach trainers.
For more then 30 participants please contact Dr. Roger Jahnke at email drjahnke@healthaction.net.

Design: One of our areas of expertise is targeted program design. Our team will collaborate with your team to create a training event and follow-up process that is perfectly suited for your unique situation. This can include a wide array of creative options.

Option: This Training can be co-sponsored and co-organized by TWO organizations.

For example, 8 participants from one organization could join 15 participants from a different organization – being trained together at one location.

Training Includes:

  • Health and Wellness Coach Training - typically 3 days.

  • Teleconference follow-up and practice – typically 16 hours practice.

  • Tailored design of both coaching program and the training.

  • Training formats can range from 2 to 3 eight hour days for the “in–person” training. A number of formats can be chosen for the phone based follow-up and practicum support - 4 to 10 one hour weekly conference training calls.

  • Comprehensive Circle of Life Coach Training Manuals with reproducible forms

  • Circle of Life Coaching Participant Guide Book

  • 4 - 10 (60-75 min) follow-up live training conference calls with our Circle of Life Trainers. These calls are recorded for your convenience.

  • Library of pre-recorded training calls on multiple topics.

  • Trainees practice both 1-1 and group based coaching in the follow-up training.

  • Exclusive access to Circle of Life "Coach Tools" web page: assessment forms, worksheets, support materials, PowerPoints, handouts, mind/body self-care practices, promotional. marketing and coaching resources

  • When the Certification requirements are completed, graduates have the option to be listed on the Circle of Life "Locate A Coach" web page

  • Access to 12 monthly mentor calls with trainers (some live, some recorded)

  • Regular coaching support emails from trainers


For more information regarding a Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach Training and the benefits for your organization, contact Dr. Roger Jahnke at Health Action to set up a time to call and clarify your needs.

Also be sure to check out our Licensing Program for training options and licensing of materials.

For more information - please contact us at:

Health Action Inc - Circle of Life
5276 Hollister Ave Ste 257
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

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