What is Mind-Body Coaching?

Mind-Body Coaching is focused on the fact that any change in capacity or function will have both a body component and a mind component. Any form of coaching – life, health, wellness, mind-body, executive, wealth – is going to be more effective if it has a very strong mind-body self-care component.

This one of the keys to the success of Circle of Life Coaching System, it was purposefully developed with a very refined Mind-Body Practice focus. This expertise was provided one of the Circle of Life originators, Dr. Roger Jahnke the author of The Healer Within a widely revered book on mind-Body practice based in Qigong and Tai Chi from the Chinese Wellness System.

One of the most popular and recent breakthroughs in medicine, stress, work-life balance is the mindfulness. Mindfulness in stillness is meditation. Mindfulness in motion is Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, etc. All forms of mindfulness and mind-body practice can be the center piece of coaching which creates Mind-Body Coaching.

Added key concepts – Tai Chi, Qigong, Mind-Body practice, mindfulness, breath practice, self-care, meditation, yoga.


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