Organizations Using The
Circle of Life Coaching System

Numerous organizations are in varying phases of implementation of the Circle of Life. Each organization uses this process in a different context and weave these principles into already existing programs to make their work more comprehensive and effective.


U.S. Air Force
Trained Health Educators


Marshall Hospital, Placerville
Trained health promotion and wellness program coordinators

Breast Cancer Resource Center, Santa Barbara
Research support group program for women with Breast Cancer

St. Francis Hospital, Santa Barbara
Trained parish nurses for faith community health ministries

Bi-Annual Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach Trainings, Santa Barbara
Training a wide range of professionals  of professionals

Longevity Medical Center, Santa Barbara
Training for staff
Health Coaches

Lutheran Services in America 2003 Annual Meeting, San
Presentation to national network of social ministry agencies for the Lutheran Church

National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Tri-Counties, Santa Barbara
Utilized in several of the MS Wellness peer support groups

Esalen Institute, Big Sur
Health and Wellness Coach training

Folsom Prison, Sacramento

A pilot program in which a number of prisoners became Circle of Life facilitators and 120 end users benefited from the program


YMCA, Clear Springs
Trained Personal Fitness Trainers


Kripalu Retreat Center, Lenox
Health and Wellness Coach / Facilitator Training


The Mercy System (several hospitals)
Trained Health Coaches


Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota
Circle coaching framework utilized for internet based
student and faculty health and life improvement program

The Marsh Spa, Minneapolis
Presentation to community and university leadership, in community wellness

New York

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck
Health and Wellness Coach Training

Lutheran Counseling Center, Long Island
Address 9/11 crisis

Five Faith Communities After 9/11, New York
75 facilitators, 9/11 affected communities


The Mercy System (several hospitals)
Trained Health Coaches

Lutheran Chaplaincy, Cleveland

Community event, follow-up training for chaplains and health ministry coordinators

Various Clergy Groups, Cleveland
Trained Coach Facilitators throughout
northeastern Ohio in a variety of religious institutions to promote wellness ministries. Numerous ecumenical clergy groups of ministry professionals (clergy, parish nurses, associates in ministry) and lay person facilitators


Oregon Association of Medical Social Workers, Portland
Health coaching as a foundation for new era case management

St. Charles Medical Center, Bend
Hospital staff, disease-related support mind/body health program and community outreach groups, medical symptom reduction program

Planetree Hospital, The Dalles
Trained community wellness outreach progra
m and health education program facilitators

National Wellness Conference 2010 Circle of Life


United Way and Inner Harmony Center Collaboration

Day long community and wellness events for key United Way funders and agencies.

Veterans Administration Hospital, Philadelphia
Stress management and wellness coaching utilized for pain and trauma patients

Servant Spiritual Care, Philadelphia
Presentation in 2004 to an ecumenical group of chaplains

South Carolina

Support Works, Columbia
National phone support group network


Seton Hospitals, Austin
Program at wellness retreat center

Lutheran Chaplains 2004 Conference, San Antonio

Presentation at national gathering  


Riverside Systems (five hospitals)
Trained 80 support group, wellness and fitness counselors and program directors of the heart, cancer and diabetes departments


National Wellness Institute, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point
Numerous Health and Wellness Coach trainings for professionals
: aging, health care, corporate, faith, education, justice, and military

Group Coaching | Group Life Coaching | Team Training

"Our social services, health education, nursing, OT and PT staff were trained to be Circle of Life health Coaches. Since 1998 we utilize the Circle of Life process in our 10-week “Medical Symptom Reduction Program”, which is a great success. Our biggest contract was with an insurance company who ran a pilot for 2 years found their members who completed this program decreased their utilization of healthcare benefits by 57%.  So other insurance’s followed their decision to cover. We have woven it in to all of our support group activities for patients and use it as a component of our staff wellness program, and is also being used in our community outreach programming."  

Dr. Michael Harris, Medical Director, St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, OR


Circle of Life Happy Participants

"At the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing, we are using this model for an Internet-based personal health and wellness coaching tool that is available to students and staff throughout the University and the public. The pioneering work of Rebecca McLean and Dr. Roger Jahnke is deeply impacting individuals and communities throughout the country."

Mary Jo Kreitzer PhD, RN, Director, Center for Spirituality & Healing University of Minnesota


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