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Want to reduce absenteeism in the workplace, improve morale, and save
money on your company's healthcare costs? Circle of Life Health and
Wellness Coaching can help your company reach this goal.

A 2006 Unscheduled Absence survey by CCH - Wolters Kluwers Law and Business "found that the rate of unscheduled absenteeism climbed to its highest level since 1999, costing some large employers an estimated $850,000 per year in direct payroll costs, and even more when lost productivity, morale and temporary labor costs are considered." In this survey, it was noted there is an upward trend by employers to add work-life programs to combat unscheduled absenteeism and keep employee mental and physical well being at its best.

The top two work-life programs in use are:

  • Employee Assistance Programs (76%)

  • Wellness Programs (67%)

Chronic disease is the prime cause of lost work time in the working-age population. In the United States, approximately 30% of Americans live with chronic disease, and their healthcare costs account for more than 75% of the nation’s USD $2 trillion in medical spending. The chronic-disease healthcare-cost burden is intertwined with the impact of modifiable risk factors such as smoking, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Reducing the risk factors can result in potential cost savings to employers.

One study found modifiable risk factors increase an employer’s healthcare expenditures by approximately 25%. (from Working Towards Wellness: The Business Rationale by PriceWaterhouseCoopers) It is good business to show this commitment to wellness to your employees.

Implementing a Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching program creates a corporate culture of well-being. It facilitates learning, and most importantly is embraced by employees looking for the key to creating sustainable lifestyle changes through self-care and personal accountability.

For a free consultation with an expert in coach program design and more information on the cost effectiveness on the Circle of Life Coaching System, phone 805-617-3390 or email Dr. Roger Jahnke.










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