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Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching

The big Circle of our lives can merge with the smaller circle of supportive friends and tools to heal and empower us, our families, our communities -- even our world.

-- From The Circle of Life by Rebecca McLean and Dr. Roger Jahnke


Healthy People 2010, the US Department of Health and Human Services set of health goals for the nation for the first decade of this century, has two primary objectives:
  • Increase quality and years of healthy life.
  • Eliminate health disparities among different segments of the population.
Healthy People 2010 challenges all of us --professionals, communities, and individuals, to take specific steps to ensure, that good health and long life are enjoyed by all.

Meeting the Challenge with the Circle of Life

Wellness Coaching in a Business Setting

Many focus areas of Healthy People 2010, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, educational and community based programs, and injury and violence prevention can be addressed by the educational and self-care methodologies of Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching.

The Circle of Life's powerful wellness coaching methods and processes encourages self-reliance in managing chronic health challenges, and can help prevent disease and revitalize performance and productivity through healthy lifestyle, and the choices people make (behavioral factors).

Health Action has carefully refined these lifestyle coaching and empowerment tools for an array of clients including hospitals and hospital networks, educational institutions, faith communities, and community agencies. We believe that everyone has the capacity to improve their health, complement their medical treatment, and reduce their medical costs.

Review the Circle of Life Coaching Process

Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching for personal breakthrough and self-care that can be implemented in a group setting or in a one-to-one context. The power of the Circle process is that it can assist any person, of any age, with any desired outcome.The Circle process allows the resident wisdom and power that is within all people to emerge. The Circle of Life utilizes a self-assessment of 12 areas of life to foster healthy self-care, readiness for change, and accountability.  

Circle of Life Wellness Coaching

What We Can Do to Meet the Challenge

Medicine and sociology have demonstrated that social interaction has a powerful positive effect. Health Action purposefully developed the Circle of Life program to maximize group interaction and to be portable, easy to transfer and proliferate. Our model empowers people, minimizes implementation costs, and reduces the dependence on outside consultants.

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