Certified Circle of Life Coaches and Group Facilitators - Colorado

These Certified Circle of Life Coaches are trained to work with individuals and with groups. Listings are in alphabetical order within a state or province, by city name, and then last name of the coach.

Julie Perkins
Boulder, CO
Specialty: Cancer Support Groups, Individual Mind/Body Wellness.

Carrie Phelps, MA
Colorado Springs, CO
Specialty: Wellness Coaching, Performance Coaching, and Executive Coaching (Developmental Leadership)

Emily Marquis, PHR
Evergreen/Golden, CO
Speciality: Life and Wellness Coaching for everyday people, employers and life after big transtitions and/or trauma.

Sheryl G. Harrell, MA/ABS, EFT-CERT-1, BCC
Fort Collins, CO
Specialty: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)/Tapping Certified Practitioner; Wellbeing and Life Coaching and Mentoring for individuals and groups who want down to earth strategies for bringing more self-care and self-compassion in their lives and are ready to clear obstacles to joy, peace and freedom.

Dennis Shelby, MSW, Healthcare Executive
Windsor, CO
Specialty: Health/Life, Business and Executive Coaching.

Danielle Longano
Winter Park, CO; also South Windsor, CT     
Specialty:  Teen coaching, women's support coaching, live a full life coaching



























Last update August 17, 2016

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